What is the purpose of this experiment?
To inspire creative acts of kindness in local communities, to model a trust-drive philanthropy, and to spread good ideas.

When did this experiment start?
At the end of May 2008, we posted a small blurb in Smile Groups asking for ideas. In less than couple weeks, more than 50 ideas were submitted and dozens of people helped us evaluate the ideas by adding 'smiles'. On July 1st, we announced our first winner and a commitment to continue this experiment.

What is your criteria for selecting winners?
Creative use of Smile Cards, potential impact on a local community, and the online response to the idea.

What does the winner have to do?
Exactly what they said -- implement their idea and share a story about the process!

How are you funded?
When we received an unexpected $1000 donation, we figured we should pay-it-forward. To help us figure out how to use, we ask YOU to participate.

Can I contribute more money to the pool?
Yes, of course! You can donate anytime.

What has come out of these experiments?
While it's early to tell, a local community in Massachusetts is going to replicate this program, and one reader contributed some more money to our pot itself.

Any more questions or suggestions?
We're all ears. Write us anytime.


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