Trackable Smile Cards!

Step 1: Get Cards!

Step 2: Be Kind!

Step 3: Track It!

First you have to get a Smile Card. You can do this in two ways: (a) request it online and volunteers around the world will ship it as a gift for you to pay-it-forward, or (b) wait till someone tags you with a kind act and leaves behind a Smile Card for you. (At the moment, you can only get trackable Smile Cards when someone tags you with it.)

Then, you have to use your card. We have lots of ideas online, but you may like to get even more creative. Sky is the limit. Do something nice and leave a Smile Card behind that tells the recipient to pay it forward and keep the chain going. We would also encourage everyone to share the story so it can inspire people around the globe to continue the kindness.

If you happen to be tagged with a trackable Smile Card, find the card number on the back of the card and enter it below. (You can also use a mobile phone to scan the QR Code on the card). Then, share your story and watch it spread!

Enter Card No:

A Bit of History ...

In 2003, we printed a hundred Smile Cards and distributed them as gifts. People came back and offered unsolicited donations that covered the next round of printing, and like that over a million cards got printed. It generated lots and lots of ripples of generosity around the globe. Smile Groups emerged, then Smile Decks too. And in 2011, we had two summer interns who decided to manifest a new idea -- what if we could track where our anonymous acts traveled? So here we are. :)

More about our history.

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